Monday, September 29, 2008

Palin for President

Mark Twain once made the following remark about a certain General Fulston (who was then leading the U.S. charge to invade the Philippines, an incident which would ultimately kill as many as a million Filippinos) - "No satire of Funston could reach perfection,” Twain lamented, “because Funston occupies that summit himself... [he is] satire incarnated.”

Mark Twain had obviously never heard of Sarah Palin, but if he had, he might have had to come up with a new equation of satire incarnate. Aside from actually being quoted almost word-for-word in the latest Saturday Night Live sketch (a first for a parody as far as I know) Palin has been so ludicrous that it's actually hard to make fun of her. She makes fun of herself just by talking to anyone. Anyway, here are a couple of good attempts at Palin humor. One of them relies heavily on Monty Python, but that's never a bad thing...

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