Monday, August 25, 2008

F**k Fox News

Wow! What can one say to this?

The criticism that not speaking to Fox News has anything to do with freedom of speech is particularly laughable.

So good to see Fox told off like this and not even knowing what to do about it. The amazing energy of the crowd is palpable even though I'm sure Fox would have rather ignored it.

Hats off to all you folks doing good work in Denver. I'm not sure that the Democrats will listen to our demands, but now is definitely the time to start making them heard loud and clear.

For those who want to hear a real answer as to why these folks are marching, here's Cynthia McKinney summing it all up...

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Julia said...

Wow, Faux "News" has certainly sunk to a new low.

My advice: if you want real news on your TV, invest in Aljazeera English. I subscribe to their YouTube channel and watch it every day.