Friday, May 30, 2008

Shirin singing original song on Indo-Pak unity

In the interests of diversity, here's a recording we made in August 2005 of Shirin singing an original folky Hindi song. The opening line is "hai tere ambar mein jo chanda mere ambar mein bhi" - "the moon that is in your sky is also in mine".

For the past several years, the Indian and Pakistani communities here in Washington DC have had joint celebrations for their independence days which fall on August 14 and August 15. I'm not a big believer in independence day celebrations, but if you're going to celebrate it, might as well do it with a song that expresses a sense of unity with an "enemy" country...

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Riffat Merchant said...

Shireen, its 1:27 AM and I just finished listening to your original folky unity song. You sounded hauntingly beautiful. I listened to your Umrao Jaan raag and loved that as well. Continue your melody making. In the lone hours of the night, its lovely to hear.