Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eric Mann - Hillary and McCain: The White Bloc that must be stopped

Eric Mann has a piece over at Burning Cane on the presidential elections and the racism that is slowly bubbling to the surface therein.

It's a long article but definitely worth a read. I'm not sure I agree with everything Mann says, but I do think that we are already witnessing history. A few months ago, nearly all of the big money corporate donors were in Clinton's camp. A few years ago, that would have meant an automatic nomination. Instead, Obama has mobilized a grassroots base of activists and donors to not only keep him in the game, but to make him the odds-on favorite. The extent to which Obama remains accountable to this base will determine whether or not he serves ordinary people's interests if he wins the presidency.

Policy wise, he's no different than Hillary though.

The video below is the best speech of the race so far, the Obama on racism speech. Crucially, it leaves out an analysis of white supremacy (without which, racism is meaningless) but it's way better than anything that's come before. The U.S. has a long way to go in confronting its history of racism, sexism and colonialism, and having a president who is at least willing to talk about these issues for a change couldn't hurt.

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